Challenges I Face

Thus far, I’ve been stocked on traversing the DOM. Understanding the different parts of the DOM is one thing and traversing the DOM is another as one has to traverse the DOM to be able to detect any issue like the link inside link issue as is the case for this project. I remember talking about the DOM without mentioning BFS (Breadth First Search) and DFS (Depth First Search). This means I mistakenly left out the ways of traversing the DOM which is actually very important, the methods we saw are alone are not sufficient to traverse the DOM. This has gotten me stuck on the task at hand: writing code in Parsoid to detect the use of links-in-links.

I am actually trying to write a code to detect the external links in an HTML file. I am suppose to parse the HTML to get a DOM structure, of which I should detect any external links (one which is not a wikilink). After detecting this I am suppose to output the outer HTML and the dsr value of the external link.

My mentor is helping me understand the code in the files and to work on. He is actually my primary and main source as I turn to him whenever I have doubt and when I am stuck.

Sometimes I feel like I can do it on my own … ok most at times actually which is not right. The best thing is to ask for help when you get stuck on a single task.

I will double efforts, become more focus and cautious to be able to get through this task, I want my story to flow till the end so I can tell you how I did that.

Looking forward to see you in the next post where I’ll give you my solution:-)

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